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Barizan Company

Barizan Trading Company, with a history of activity in the field of international trade and employment of local experts, as well as modern knowledge and technology in this field, has succeeded in gaining a share of exports and imports of our beloved country in interaction with Asian and European countries. To. The company, which has been active in various fields of international transportation, has pursued international trade between different countries of the world with the aim of self-sufficiency of our beloved country of Iran and relying on this principle, and is determined to expand its activities. is


Goods that are made domestically or in foreign countries and are imported to another country through trade are called imports of goods.

Customs Clearance

Preparation and registration of documents physically or electronically and calculation of costs and customs duties, etc. provided to importers and exporters


In the process of commercial and commercial activities, the purpose of exporting goods is to remove goods from the country's customs territory in order to send them to other countries.


Generally, logistics is the management, implementation, coordination and follow-up of the movement of all goods or documents between origin and destinations zones to meet the needs of customers or companies.

Online Shopping

The definition of e-commerce means a business transaction that takes place through the Internet. It means buying and selling goods (or services) through the Internet. These services are provided online through the Internet. E-commerce includes a wide range of data, systems and tools for online shoppers and sellers.

Business Consulting

A business consultant works with clients on planning and trying to find solution to solve the problem in order to helps clients develop business skills and knowledge.

International Business Development

Business Development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships. Business development specialist must fully understand the overall strategy of the company and be closely associated with the capabilities of the organization.

International Business

By participating in international business, we can benefit from specialized expertise and numerous production factors in order to introduce various goods and services into international market