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The definition of e-commerce means a business transaction that takes place through the Internet. It means buying and selling goods (or services) through the Internet. These services are provided online through the Internet. E-commerce includes a wide range of data, systems and tools for online shoppers and sellers.

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Most e-commerce businesses use an online store or platform to conduct activities such as online marketing, sales, and Procurement supervision. One of the benefits of e-commerce is international sales, which allows you to offer and deliver your products to a global audience in a competitive way. It will help you to build your brand faster, expand your market exponentially, and allow you to make a profit sooner than your local competitors.
The impact of e-commerce is huge. Another advantage of e-commerce is that it can affect even small businesses.
Online stores in the world such as: Amazon, Shopi WiFi, Ali Express, etc. can be examples of e-commerce.
As an example of E-commerce, we can mention online stores such as Amazon, Shopi WiFi, Ali Express, etc.

Barizan Trading group with the experience in the field of online shopping from major and popular sites in the world will be able to deliver the orders of dear customers with the most competitive costs and the fastest possible time.

Another service of Barizan Company is providing online shopping services from reputable sites in the world. To inquire about the price, you can complete the online purchase form below and contact us to find out the cost of purchase and how to send your goods. In case of any ambiguity or guidance, you can contact our colleagues via or call 02188839123.

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