An import is goods bought in origin country and forwarding to the destination country.

Imports to the destination country will happen for different reasons, such as the lack of facilities to manufacture goods or the higher cost of manufacturing goods within that country. Also, other conditions such as lack of essential technology, climatic conditions, political sanctions against the destination country, etc. can increase import to one country.


Types of imports

In international business, we have five types of imports including definite import, temporary import, domestic transit, foreign transit and returned goods.

Generally, the import of goods to our country requires the issuance of necessary permits for clearance. In order to get the required licenses for clearance according to the customs tariff of the goods, we must refer to the relevant organizations. All imported goods must be entered in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Customs of Iran Islamic Republic.

Barizan Trading Company with professional team in the field of international transportation and clearance of authorized goods is able to assist in the import process of your goods. Contact us to see how we can provide your required service.

Barizan Import Company

Barizan Trading Company, with its experience in the field of international trade and employing experts in this field, has succeeded in gaining a share of the country’s imports and exports in interaction with European and Asian countries. We have been active in various fields of international trade and we are trying to expand our activities to meet the needs of you dear ones, relying on the principle of international trade around the world. Our main specialty is to perform all commercial affairs as well as air transportation of authorized goods (according to the standards of the Islamic Republic) in various dimensions and weights.

Our international connections and cooperation with reputable airlines from Europe, China and the Middle East to Iran or any other country have made it possible for us to offer various services to satisfy you, dear customers. We will continue to be with you in the field of sea and land transportation with the help of our partners with international experience to carry all kinds of shipments. To inquire about the service, you can complete the import form in the following section and contact us at email

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