Export literally means sending goods to another country for sale or trade. In general, for export and import, individuals and companies must have a commercial card, for which there are special conditions and regulations.


We have two type of export

Direct Export and Indirect Export

In direct exports, the sale of goods abroad is done without the intervention of intermediaries, and the company itself sells its products abroad and is responsible for dealing directly with foreign companies.

In indirect exports, goods are sold abroad through sales intermediaries, who are responsible for sending products to foreign countries. As a result, the risks and costs of indirect exports are less than direct export.

The combination of exports and imports balances a country’s trade volume. When a country’s exports exceed its imports, that country has a trade surplus. Conversely, when a country imports more than it exports, it has a trade deficit.

You can contact us to consult in regards with sending your goods to other countries. We will provide you the best and most cost-effective methods by examining through the existing conditions.

Trade, Commerce and Export

In the process of trade and commercial activities, the purpose of exporting goods is to leave the customs territory of the country for shipment to other countries. Barizan Company is able to send authorized goods (according to the standards of the Islamic Republic) in various dimensions and weights. By inquiring from reputable airlines, we will try to provide the desired service to our dear customers door-to-door or door-to-door at the airport. Barizan Trading Team will constantly inform you about the latest status of its package.

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