Trade and Commerce

The Relationship Between Trade and Production

Export and import trading companies enter into a formal contract with small manufacturing companies and sell all or part of their products exclusively or externally in foreign markets. In this way, small economic companies and producers who are related to these companies enter their products into the global market, and companies that intend to import the product into the country, but do not have expertise in this field, are among these companies. They use business and import the products they need.

Our Vision

The population of over 80 million (the second largest in the Middle East after Egypt) and Iran strategic location are the main reason of doing business with Iran! Barizan Trading Company, with the help of its consulting team in the field of trading, is trying to expand any kind of business in Iran and provide valuable services for customers including marketing, finding a business partner and pursuing relations in Iran, etc. Our goal is to provide significant assistance to our valued merchants and customers in performing export, import, clearance, purchase and any other kind of businesses or investment in Iran with the highest efficiency in the shortest time..